Comments on EO 13792; Review of Ironwood Forest National Monument

Pima NRCD’s July 10, 2017 Comment Submission in Response to Executive Order 13792; Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996; specifically regarding the Ironwood Forest National Monument

2017.07.10. Final PNRCD comments on Ironwood Forest National Monument Review


Attachment 1. Pima NRCD surface management map

Attachment 2. Pima County’s National Monument Resolution March 21, 2000

Attachment 3. Chapter 3060 of 59th Congress. Antiquities Act of 1906

Attachment 4. Sellars, Richard W. , “A Very Large Array: Early Federal Historic Preservation—The Antiquities Act, Mesa Verde, and the National Park Service Act” Natural Resources Journal, Vol. 47, Spring 2007, pp. 267-328 (, accessed 10 July 2017 at 9:45 AM) 

Attachment 5. Beneficiaries of ASLD parcels in IFNM

Attachment 6. Perennial, Ephemeral, and Perennial-Ephemeral Allotment Classifications, Appendix F, September 2011 IFNM Proposed Resource Managment Plan/ Final Environmental Impacts Statement

Attachment 7. 2012.06.26 Pima NRCD meeting minutes

Attachment 9. Noelle and Ruyle, Recommendation for Rangeland Monitoring in IFNM, University of Arizona Extension Service, November 2015

Attachment 10. Resolution 2017.05.30.Opposing Reauthorization of Land and Water Conservation Fund